Stone of the Month May 2023 – Blue Lace Agate and Sound Healing

Crystal healing has been around as a concept since time immemorial, our ancients and ancestors used stones as talismans, in medicine bags, as protectors, and healers. Stones and crystals all carry their own vibrations, resonance, and tones when struck. Shaman knew (know) that crystals could be used to focus sound and light vibrations to be used in healing.

December 2020 – Stones for Finding Comfort and Solace

How to find comfort and solace when things seem so topsy-turvy, out of balance, possibly frightening? Adulting can be challenging if you don’t have your center – truly grounded and connected. Meditation is the daily practice I call upon; quiet time for me to be in contact with my Guides, Guardians and Angelic Team.