June 2020. A powerful month. A month of eclipses.  YES, 3!  What is it that you need to do?  I know I’ve been asking that question and the answer for the most part have been ground and hydrate. There are many ways to achieve being grounded, my ‘go to’ is always beautiful stones/crystals.

I have found that most black stones have some element of grounding & not everyone likes to wear black. Here are some others you may not be as familiar with for grounding:


Fire Agate • Strong grounding + Protective against ill wishes  

Bloodstone • Grounding + Allows knowing chaos precedes transformation

Smoky Quartz • Grounding spiritual energy + Gently neutralizing negative vibrations

Tourmalinated Quartz • Effective grounding + Strengthens energy field against external invasion

Birthstones • Ground and amplify celestial energies 


With love & blessings.      Janet Edkins / Beads of Light – www.JanetEdkins.com