Mid-Year Energy Tune-Up

Do you need one? I know I probably do. It’s been a doozy of a year so far energetically speaking. Gosh between, solar flares, Lunar & Solar Eclipses, date portals, planetary alignments, conjunctions, squares, etc., and the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere – phewee!

The stones I work with can’t exactly fulfill the concept of the title in the way a good mechanic can get your auto baby humming. They can, however, help with some of the same basics like; fixing leaks, clearing out stagnant “fluids,” and unblocking channels, before being asked to amplify the tune.

Meet your July “mechanic” – Garnet

Garnets come in many colors fueled by their varied mineral content – Red, pink, green, orange, yellow, brown & black. It’s a bit of an all-time, overall, good stone for your energy. Here’s just a small snippet: “It can revitalize, purify and balance energy. Alleviates emotional disharmony. Clear negative chakra energy. Particularly helpful in fragmented or traumatic situations. Brings courage and hope. Promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble. Dissolves old ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve. Helps us let go of old, useless, obsolete ideas.

Opens the heart and bestows self-confidence.

This is your “tune-up” pre & post-check-up:

  • Yellow Apatite – Draws off stagnant energy. Great eliminator, especially of toxins.
  • Iron Pyrite – Energy shield. Blocks negative energy and pollutants.
  • Labradorite – Deflects unwanted energies & prevents energy leakage.
  • Obsidian – Eliminates energy blockages & relieves tension. (Comes with all my usual caveats!)
  • Fire-Opal – Energy amplifier, facilitates change & progress. Supports through emotional turmoil.
  • Quartz – Most powerful energy amplifier on the planet. Both for you & other crystals & stones. Absorbs, stores, release & regulates energy and excellent at unblocking.
  • Clear Topaz – Removes stagnant or stuck energy.Tourmaline – Excellent stone for healing, & for energy enhancement & removal of blockages.

One final thought – my thinking on this subject keeps coming around to balance. We’ve talked about this before and I think it’s worth circling back. If I may keep the mechanic analogy going, checking the oil level or your emotional & energetic balance daily might be a good practice!

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All crystal information courtesy of Judy Hall.

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