What is Spiritual Awakening?

I believe I’ve had a spiritual awakening, it started a number of years ago. However, the phrase “Spiritual Awaking” indicates to me it might be a “once and done” sort of thing. I wish!

Wanting to learn more, wanting to feel more settled, wanting to understand “my purpose.” All these things were the beginning, and still are, part of it, and so much more. This is why it feels like an ongoing process. Each incremental step brings up more layers for clearing, more clarity, more understanding/awakening, and then more questions, understanding & learning. And so the cycle repeats.

I’m not sure any of this explains what it is (or might be) to you, only what I believe it was/is for me. The biggest and most important aspect I wanted to share is the blossoming of my belief in my creative abilities. As was finding the affinity and love of crystals and stones. The next move was stepping into the idea that my healing stone jewelry is a healing practice and service to others.

My “service” this month is to tell you about Agates, yes plural. Agates are one of the most abundant kinds of stone on Gaia. “Microscopic crystals of quartz laid down in bands, very stable.” They come in clear or milky white, gray, blue, green, pink, brown, orange, banded, and – beware – often dyed. If it looks too good, bright, perfect! Many have individual names and properties like Blue Lace, Botswana, Fire, Moss, Dendritic, and more. There’s one for every step of the way.

Agate – Grounding stones, bringing emotional, intellectual & physical balance. Spiritually, raises consciousness, links to the collective consciousness, and allows awareness of the oneness of life. Aids in the assimilation of life experiences leads to spiritual growth and inner stability.

Here are a few more helpers for wherever you find yourself.

  • Charoite – Stone of Transformation. Stimulates inner vision & spiritual insight. Helps to cope with tremendous change at the spiritual level.
  • Herkimer Diamond – Induces spiritual vision & linking to higher guidance. Stimulates conscious attunement to the highest spiritual levels.
  • Moldavite – Extremely high vibration. Integrates the divine blueprint & accelerates spiritual growth. Can open crown chakra to receive the highest spiritual guidance. **
  • Petalite – Calms the aura, opens throat & higher crown chakras linking to higher spiritual vibrations. Moves you beyond your current metaphysical abilities, linking to your highest level of knowledge.
  • Pietersite – Can dispel the illusion of separateness, & remove beliefs & conditioning imposed by others. Links you to your source of inner guidance. Dispels spiritual illusions.
  • Purple Sapphire – Awakens. Stimulates rising kundalini & crown chakra energies, opening to spirituality.
  • Rutile Quartz – Said to have the perfect balance of cosmic light, an illuminator of the soul. Promotes spiritual growth.
  • Topaz – Brings about trust in the universe enabling us to be rather than to do. Cuts through doubts & uncertainties. Release tensions & can speed up spiritual development where it might feel laborious.
  • Unakite – Gently releases conditions that block or inhibit spiritual or psychological growth.

I hope you find help from this list of magnificent stones for whatever stage of awakening is your current experience. Know that the universe will guide you to those that will be most helpful in your journey. Ask for their help toward the next stage that is right for you on this journey.

With love & blessings. J

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“Created with love, infused with energy”

** Be careful what you ask for, Moldavite is extremely powerful. Make sure you have a way to ground.