Empathic Empowerment (Heart Chakra)

I recently wrote about empathy “On the face of it, being able to feel and understand others’ emotions might seem like a good thing, this is the definition of empathy. It can also be a burden if we take on the emotions of others without some distance or detachment…” 

Assuming if you are reading this you already know you are empathic; what I believe is needed for empowerment is detachment. To be in a perspective of witnessing rather than being absorbed or overwhelmed by whatever is going on around you. This is how I choose to be in my empowerment. (on a good day!)

It is possible to be empathetic and compassionate without being drawn in, overwhelmed, or drained by feelings and emotions. This is called being in ‘sacred neutral’ and approaching situations, and people, from a ‘higher perspective.’ This is all well and good, and HOW you might ask?

To begin let’s understand it’s not about not feeling, the feelings and emotions are what make us empaths. For me, it’s about finding some distance and separation from the scenario, and knowing what’s mine to carry or not.  Establishing and holding boundaries might be another way to talk about this, a topic for another day perhaps.

If I find myself overly emotional, trying to find solutions, or generally wanting to meddle, that is a sign that I’m too close and taking things personally. If I can listen, really hear or see, and then just be, I know I’m in the sweet spot. Often if people are sharing, they just want to be heard. They don’t need or want, my emotions or judgment, it’s their journey and my place is merely to accept. If it’s a situation over which I have absolutely no control, I have to find a way to let that go, accept that it is happening, and let the universe play it out. It’s not my job to try to control.

I know you’ve gathered by now that to find help with this I turn to my beloved crystals and stones.

This month’s choice:

Aquamarine for Empathic Empowerment

Aquamarine Statement Set

Aquamarine – Affinity with sensitive people, has the power to invoke tolerance of others.  Overcomes judgementalism & supports those feeling overwhelmed by responsibility. Encourages taking responsibility for the self. Calms the mind, removes extraneous thought, clarifies perception, & clears up confusion. Helpful in understanding underlying emotional states & interpreting how you feel. Can invoke a higher state of consciousness, spiritual awareness, & encourage service to humanity.





Other Stones that Support Empathic Empowerment

  • Amethyst – Extremely powerful & protective. High spiritual vibration. Guards against psychic attack* transmuting the energy into love. Serenity enhances high states of consciousness. Promotes emotional centering. 
  • Apophyllite – Promotes clarity, and helps access higher consciousness. Can help release negative energies in the body, mind, & soul. Encourages self-reflection, and fosters a profound sense of inner peace.
  • Aragonite – Teaches patience & acceptance. Combats oversensitivity, facilitates delegating, & helps develop a pragmatic approach to life.
  • Carnelian – Imparts acceptance of the cycle of life. Gives courage & promotes positive life choices. Helps us trust ourselves & our perceptions. Overcomes negative conditioning. A powerful protector against envy, rage, & resentment, yours or other people’s. 
  • Celestite – Brings balance, alignment, & deep peace. Assists in conflict resolution & maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in times of stress. Teaches to trust the infinite wisdom of the divine.
  • KyanitePowerful energy field protector, excellent aid for detachment. Allows only that which benefits & serves growth. Repels people, things, & situations that drain happiness or inner peace. Powerful cleansing stone removes low vibrational energies.
  • Lepidolite – Enhances standing in your own space free from the influence of others. As a ‘stone of transition,’ it can release & reorganize old patterns & behaviors.
  • Sunstone – Extremely useful for removing mental or emotional “hooks” from other people, anything that drains your energy. It gently returns the energy to the contact effectively cutting the ties. Use Sunstone if you have trouble saying no or making sacrifices for others. 
  • Black Tourmaline – Connects to base chakra, grounds energy increases physical vitality, and disperses tension & stress. Clears negativity. Promotes a ‘laid-back’ attitude & objective neutrality with clear rational thought processes. Encourages a positive attitude no matter what, stimulates altruism & practical creativity.

* people may be doing this unknowingly. Powerful emotions can be perceived bodily as an attack.

Supporting the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz Holistic Knoxville

Rose Quartz Accelerator

Rose Quartz is THE heart-opening stone. Renowned the world over as the Stone of Unconditional Love. A truly high, clear, and loving vibration. I will restate – Detachment is not about being closed and/or not feeling. My goal is to be in the world with my heart open without taking on the drama as my own. The emotions arise and I try to let them subside, knowing they are not mine to hold. Rose Quartz can enhance this as it allows for acceptance and emotional healing by invoking compassion for the self and the unconditional love of others.

A final thought:  Found a great quote: “Healthy detachment has become to me – the release of the subjective thoughts, emotions or energy that I am holding about people, places and things that have kept me trapped in dis-ease. It means that I can step back as if observing what is happening around me without being involved in or creating additional drama. In so doing, I allow the feelings, thoughts and energy to dissipate, I am then free to act with and from compassion, love and acceptance.” 

This is from “Solo” by Angela James and courtesy here of  Serendipity Crystals –  https://serendipitycrystals.co.uk/detachment-witnessing/

Love & blessings til next time. J
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