Do You Need to Shift Your Purpose?

This month’s topic poses an interesting question and a good one for me – do I need to shift? Do I need to re-evaluate or re-think? Do I really KNOW my purpose?

I have been told more than once that my purpose here, in this place, at this time, is simply “To Be.” Simply, right! However, the need to be “doing” as well as, or instead of, “being” is hard wired in us (certainly in me) and if not genetic then certainly ingrained by culture and ethics.

I know my “Doing” purpose. This solidified when I was able to say out loud and proud, and feel the joy, “My jewelry is my healing practice.” Those around me, to whom this was apparently patently obvious, said, “well duh!” No matter what I knew about what others thought or said, however wonderful their encouragement and support, my “Doing” purpose had to be a solid knowing inside.

Now the “Being” purpose! I don’t know how to insert one of those weird emoticons here in the written word so you’ll just have to guess the expression on my face when I say “What! Yes, but! How?! Who me? Just BE – what does that mean?”

If you too are looking for assistance in the whole “Your Purpose” thing, may I introduce you to:

Sugilite – “Teaches us how to live from our truth. Reminds our soul of its reason for our current incarnation. Inspires spiritual awareness. Helps us to answer those major life questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What else do I need to understand?  One of the major “love stones” it emanates the beautiful “purple ray energy” too.

I found a great article here from Krista Mitchell that I really connected with, both her message:
“Purpose can be confusing sometimes because many people can assume that it’s vocation-oriented, or that it’s some great calling or legacy to be left. It certainly can be all of those things! But I often found … a person’s life purpose has more to do with what they’re meant to learn or heal in this lifetime.”

And her choice of crystals:

  • Apophyllite – Sleep with apophyllite under your pillow each night, and say a short prayer or affirmation before sleep, asking for guidance. Apophyllite connects you with the wisdom of your higher self.
  • Rhodonite – Wear rubellite, eudialyte, or rhodonite daily. These crystals help keep you grounded in your heart-center, and help guide you along the path of your true heart’s desires and purpose.
  • Celestite – Meditate with celestite. Celestite opens you to your spiritual path and deepens your connection to your soul’s wisdom.
  • Moldavite – If you’re ready for soul-level transformation and following the path of your purpose (even if it’s not fully revealed to you just yet), wear moldavite. Know that change will happen, be cautious of inner resistance.

Here I found some more stones that resonate on this topic:

  • Aura Quartz – Aura Quartz crystals involve the coming together of Clear Quartz with other precious Earth metals, resulting in high vibrations that expand your personal spiritual aura to accept new wisdom and consciousness.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Helps pinpoint our unique spiritual purpose so we grow aware of the metaphysical work we need to undertake on Earth.
  • Super Seven – raises our awareness of how every part of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – contributes to our metaphysical work.

One final thought prompted by a little serendipity – Sacred Geometry!  From Jain 108 “A Merkabah can help us remember our Purpose, why we came here. Evokes self-examination, reminds us to ask our Higher Self: have I detoured from my Path, what I had set out to achieve? Helps getting Back on Track, and Claiming our Power, Purpose and the Light within.”

 A Merkabah is a star Tetrahedron – double bang for your buck!  Order your custom Merkabah here   


Beads of Light – www.JanetEdkins.com
“Created with love, infused with energy”

** Be careful what you ask for, Moldavite is extremely powerful. Make sure you have a way to ground.

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