When most adults who are 24 years old are spending time being flippant about life, feeling ‘seasoned’ in their 2nd job ever, and working hard at how many selfies they can send on Snap Chat, Madison Franklin is planning her future around her son and how she can help others.  If you have ever heard the term ‘old soul,’ she would be the person you would apply it to.   With an age that lends itself to vibrant, abundant energy, she is also graced with the wisdom to know that Reiki is her calling.

I had the good fortune to speak with Madison at length about her journey to Reiki Mastership and her future plans.  Not only did she bring a smile to my face with her candid joy, she brought a depth of understanding of people and their needs to the conversation.  At an early age she went on a path that most of us don’t take until our late 30’s.  She wanted to find herself and address the questions she had rolling around in her head about her childhood, her belief system and what habits she was practicing that weren’t really hers.

This search brought her to a place where she learned healthy boundaries and how to protect herself and her energy.  Practicing valuing herself and her own beliefs, she lost some people along the way, but knew that she had to pursue her dreams.  She was lucky because when she was ready, she had the guidance of her ‘Soul Mama,’ Carolyn A. Jones, who had been in her life since she was 13.  In fall of 2016 Madison took her first Reiki class.  This class helped her to put a name on what she had been doing all her life without knowing it.

Working at the wattage that fits her energy level and gifts, Madison is now a Reiki Master with her own clients.  She says the most challenging aspect is to filter the knowledge she gains when she is with a client.  Knowing each person’s pace energetically, emotionally and physically so that they can heal is a big part of being successful in her world.  “You don’t give answers, you help them find the answers,” says Madison.  The people that welcome her in their space on that journey to find answers learn the empowering feeling of trusting themselves.

While she is coming to a place of satisfaction with her direction, Madison has dreams of not just continued growth in her Reiki practice, but acquiring Doula certifications (a Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and emotional support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible).  Her genuine nature, dedication and sincerity make her a safe bet that she will thrive in that role and beyond.

Madison Franklin is a Reiki Master practicing with the Holistic Institute of Wellness.  You can contact her at madisonfranklin53@yahoo.com or 865-766-7122.  For more information on the Holistic Institute of Wellness visit: www.holisticinstituteofwelllness.com