I have always been involved with animals most of my life. Mostly in dog rescue and pet ownership. I knew about the healing ability of animals but not at the depth I was to experience after learning Reiki.

When Kelly Pratt ask me to join her in developing Animal Healing Reiki I never dreamed it would ignite such a profound passion in me.

Kelly and I studied under Kathleen Prasad, who developed the Let Animals Lead Method® of Reiki. This experience opened up so much more meaning to Reiki. The Let Animals Lead Method® honors that animals are our greatest teachers and that they have the ability to heal us just as we can help heal them. Kelly and I teach this method in our classes.

I have had the opportunity to work with the animals at Little Ponderosa Zoo and have found such love there. The zoo has all species from reptiles to tigers, goats, camels, kangaroos, zebras and more. I have spent time with many of them quietly meditating and sharing a healing space. I could write for days about each of the unique experiences I have had. The most profound experiences have been as I have walked through the entire facility chanting a spiritual blessing for them and the land. They are so grateful for the high vibrational energy and I am ever amazed at their responses.

I wanted to share a couple of experiences. The first was with an Emu. I stopped and talked to her as she came up to the fence. At first, she thought I might feed her but I assured her I just had love to offer that day. I reached in and she let me pet her on the back of the neck. As I was gently stroking her neck I began to chant the blessing for her and after a couple of minutes she began to close her eyes and leaned into the fence a little more; resting her head in one of the squares. She was soaking up the healing space and vibration so much that she began to sink down on her knees into a resting position. All the while keeping her eyes closed and enjoying the rub. I went to my knees as well and for several minutes we stayed like that basking in the amazing energy.

On that same day I observed a little sheep who was limping on a rear leg. I was sitting outside of the goat and sheep enclosure, sharing a little reiki and chanting. The goats were in total bliss and I noticed one the sheep was very curious and she edged even closer towards me. She was pulling her head to her injured leg as if she was trying to show me and asking for help. She got really close and I opened up the reiki space further to include her and within minutes she laid down and began to absorb the healing energy. I was grateful for the opportunity to witness and share the energy exchange that day with her and with all the animals.