The Queen of Wands is often called the “witch of the Tarot deck.” This is because she represents the magic that can happen when you learn how to harness the energy of the universe and create a life that flows.

Words like vivacious, self-assured, confident, courageous, optimistic, passionate, energetic social, charismatic and bubbly describe the Queen of Wands.

Queens have plenty of life experience and are in a position of power to influence things and make changes. In the Tarot, the Queens know how to harness the power of feminine energy and get results. The Queen is aligned with the seasons and with her outer self and shadow self. She represents both the sun and the moon, action and intuition. In fact, she has mastered duality, which is why she is so powerful.

In a reading, the Queen of Wands meaning is simple. She encourages you to believe in yourself and go after what you want. Confidence is important when you pull the Queen of Wands. In almost every reading, this card indicates that our thoughts create our reality. In fact, the Queen’s power is not deep or mysterious; she simply believes in herself.

This card reminds you that you are here for a purpose. Even when you feel down or defeated, your confidence and creativity shine through. You can feel confident in every part of yourself, even those you believe you must keep hidden. Do not be afraid to speak up and to shine your light. Your power comes from inside.

Although the Queen of Wands appears naturally powerful and confident, she has done a lot of work to get here. Do not be afraid to dive into the shadow side, do Inner Child work, or go to therapy. Any of these options will only make you more powerful in the long run. Learn how to create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs, and words.

The Queen of Wands can indicate that you inspire others around you. Remember to shine your light on others and give people self-assurance, too. You may be the center of attention in a certain area of your life; this can be used to help others. Learning to access your shadow self will help you connect with other people on a much deeper level.

The meaning of the Queen of Wands Tarot card is that it symbolizes a friendly individual who loves animals. The Queen of Wands is likely to represent you or another important female in your life. If the Queen of Wands does not symbolize you or your lover, she may be someone who (good or bad) has a say in the situation at hand or an individual who will become relevant in the future.

The Queen of Wands is also known for taking pride in being a good friend and ally. Although she enjoys being in charge, she weighs up the feelings of others before making any judgement or decisions. She likes to think she treats everyone fairly.

When not in the board room, The Queen of Wands enjoys the natural wonders the Earth has to offer. She will take frequent trips to the zoo, strolls in nature, and walks off the beaten track. The Queen of Wands has an interest in keeping fit and taking care of her health. The Queen of Wands also loves things like crystals and minerals.

  • FIRE- Courage, release, masculine energy, passionate
  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Candles
  • Burning herbs or incense
  • Matches or lighter
  • Fire opal and carnelian
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Direction South
  • Stimulate Fire Energy: exercise, light candles, plan an adventurous activity, or do a solar plexus meditation



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