Holistic Institute Tarot Card Reading The Tower

Lightning is a fitting karmic payback for the guilt of those whose fortunes come from the exploitation or abuse of others. With the Tower card, think of yourself as an agent of transformation. This self-sacrificing role is likely to create stressful situations. Your vision shows you that a radical change has already been unleashed by forces much larger than mere people, and therefore you are no longer resisting. Acknowledge yourself, as well as the others in your life, who are offering their resources to usher in a better future.

There’s More to the Tower Than You Think

The Tower is probably the most shocking card of most Tarot decks. The imagery of destruction and death can be quite worrying and stressful when it pops up in a reading. However, like every card, the Tower brings hope and positivity. You just need to get through the chaos right now.
However, the Tower needed to come down. The lightning strike was necessary for your path and the walls had to be torn down. Building a life on unstable foundations is not a way to true happiness. When the dust settles and the chaos has calmed, the Tower welcomes a time of enlightenment and growth.

Change is Necessary

Change is a necessity of life. Without change, we cannot progress. It can be hard at first, but soon we will understand the importance of this change. Old views and ways of living have got to be let go of in order to manifest the future that you need. The Tower is giving you the release that you need and illuminating the truth. The Tower gives you a fresh start and a time to mold yourself into the person you really are. With the destruction of the tower, you can understand truly where you are in your life and where you need to be going.

Shattering Old Beliefs

Really, just when you think you are safe and comfortable, a Tower moment hits and throws you for a loop. A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself, and now the truth comes to light. Your world may come crashing down before you, in ways you could never have imagined as you realize that you have been building your life on unstable foundations – false assumptions, mistruths, illusions, blatant lies, and so on. Everything you thought to be true has turned on its head. You are now questioning what is real and what is not; what you can rely upon and what you cannot trust. This can be very confusing and disorienting, especially when your core belief systems are challenged. But over time, you will come to see that your original beliefs were built on a false understanding, and your new belief systems are more representative of reality.

The best way forward is to let this structure self-destruct so you can re-build and re-focus. And let us be real – with a card like The Tower, you have no choice but to surrender to the destruction and chaos, no matter how unwanted or painful. Change on this deep level is hard, but you need to trust that life is happening FOR you, not TO you and this is all for a reason. This destruction will allow new growth to emerge and your soul can evolve.
After a Tower experience, you will grow stronger, wiser, and more resilient as you develop a new perspective on life you did not even know existed. These moments are necessary for your spiritual growth and enlightenment, and truth and honesty will bring about a positive change, even if you experience pain and anxiety throughout the process.

Spiritual Awakening

Thankfully, The Tower does not always associate with pain and turmoil. If you are highly aware and in tune with your inner guidance system, then this Tarot card can indicate a spiritual awakening or revelation. You may be able to see the cracks forming and act before the whole structure comes tumbling down. You may create a massive transformation before you reach the point where change is your only option. In its most positive form, The Tower card is your opportunity to break free from the old ways of thinking that have been holding you back.

The Tower card is linked to the element of fire. Fire is an element of change and this is a significant meaning of the Tower card. Fire brings destruction, but it is a force that transforms things. This transformation is necessary for life.



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