Stones for trusting the process and navigating the unknown.

If 2020 has taught us anything it is the need for “Trusting the Process”, and for me, definitely not letting myself get attached to a specific or expected outcome.  My own perfectionist/control tendencies lead me to want a plan, to KNOW what to expect.  Phew, some great lessons this year.

I’ve had some recent challenges making significant changes in my business processes; being all fired up and indignant and then being completely intimidated by the not knowing, by new software and procedures. What do I need to do, I need to make a plan, I need to make sure I get everything right!   Oh good Lord I can drive myself to insanity trying to navigate the unknown.

I am grateful to my collection of stones and crystals for the assistance they offer when I ask.

Amazonite | Aids the trust in knowing that all will work out for the best. Calcite | Dissolves rigid beliefs and old programs restoring balance to the mind.  Chrysoprase | Creates openness to new situations.  Allows for a sense of trust and security. Labradorite | Strengthens faith in self and trust in the universe.  A companion through change!  Prehnite | Can restore trust in the universe/process.

I’m going to include Amethyst again in my list.  I called it my “go to” stone for everything last time because it is. One of its major properties is to promote emotional centering.  How can we face any turmoil or unnerving unknowns without emotional centering, finding our own inner balance?

A few other stones that might support you:
| Stone of acceptance.  Unconditional acceptance of people and circumstances. Carnelian | Acceptance of the cycle of life, promotes positive life choices.  Pink Chalcedony | Engenders deep trust. Sodalite | Stimulates trust and companionship between group members, encouraging interdependence (I think we all may benefit from this).

With love & blessings.      J
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