My morning started out chaotically at best.  So much so, that I really hoped that Shelby Shankland would allow me to bow out of our lunch interview and reschedule so that I could get my head screwed on straight.

Let’s think about this.  Shelby is a Life Coach, with a mission of helping others become more focused, intentional and mindful as they walk in their path in life.  And during a particularly stressful day, I didn’t want to meet with her?  Someone who’s sheer life goal is to defray the cost born by multitudes of daily stress factors seems to be exactly who I should meet with.

Lucky for me, Shelby has an extremely busy schedule that would not allow pandering to my overwhelmed state.  So, with my 16 year old niece in tow (unexpectedly), I sucked it up and made the trek to Maryville.  The moment I looked into Shelby’s piercing gray/green eyes I knew that our paths were meant to cross that particular day and ultimately the wattage of energy she produced would feed my waning strength before the interview was finished.  And I was right.

Just to get the basics out of the way, Shelby holds a Life Coach Certification and Reiki Master Certification.  If you are like me and need to see past the titles that you don’t really know what they mean anyway, Shelby has worked long, hard and consistently to become a person experienced in using the tools needed to help those wanting to break through barriers that are keeping them from becoming the best person they are capable of being.  She has a long and documented history of changing lives for the better.

When I asked what brought her to the decision to become a Life Coach and Reiki Master, Shelby responded with her personal tale.  Battling depression and inner negativity with a pessimistic twist as a younger person, she had the good fortune to find a Life Coach to guide her.  This life coach stayed with her for 10 years and through those years, Shelby acknowledged understanding of her own personal responsibility and with growth through her personal issues, she became aware of a power within herself to be the light that her own Life Coach had been for her.

About 2 years ago, Shelby crossed paths with Carolyn Jones at a Women’s Leadership Summit (now Ignite) as she learned about a life of gratitude and vision boards.  This would forever change her as that encounter guided her to complete her Life Coach Certification as well as making the natural decision to begin Reiki and follow that road to Mastership.  April celebrates her 2-year anniversary coaching.

That being said, as I listened and ate my lunch, I have to openly say how much I appreciated her candor – much that wouldn’t be written for the internet – in front of not just me as a perfect stranger, but my niece.  Her willingness to share what makes her unique and special in her quiet and calming voice gave me a lot of insight as to why people not only come to Shelby, but need her.  The lighthouse amidst the rocky waters is sometimes immersed in fog.  However, once you make the commitment with Shelby that you want to improve your mind, body and spirit, she is committed with you and that fog will lift, and so will your spirit.

Thanks for reading, but really – get to know Shelby in person.  You will reap the benefits.  ♥  ~Linde

Want to know more about Shelby Shankland, LLC, RP II?  Go to: https://shelbyshankland.wordpress.com/ or http://www.covemountaincounseling.com/ShelbyShanklandLCCRPII.en.html