Six of Swords HIW Tarot for MayThe Six of Swords shows that you are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown. You might be moving house, leaving a relationship, changing jobs, going through a rite of passage, or a mental shift. This change may be your own doing or forced upon you, and you may feel sad to leave behind what is familiar to you. However, this move is essential for your growth and personal development. The sadness over what you have lost (or released) will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity and a renewed acceptance of change. You will become a better person as a result.

Leaving what no Longer Serves You

You may be going through a personal or spiritual transition or rite of passage so you can leave behind a relationship, belief, or behavioral pattern that is no longer serving you. This is an intensely personal and private journey, and you are working in isolation to make it happen. You have identified what you must release to embrace a new way of thinking and are now bringing it to fruition in your personal life.

Keep Moving

At times, the Six of Swords reversed indicates that you know you need to make a change or transition in your life but are reluctant to do so. You may hope that the issue will go away on its own, and you won’t need to wrangle with this difficult decision. Or you may try to fool yourself into thinking you can put up with it, even when you know deep in your heart it is time to move on. It is natural to want to avoid discomfort, but sometimes you must push beyond your comfort zone so you can evolve as a person. That discomfort can be a positive sign that growth is happening, so feel into that energy and let it encourage you to keep moving forward and expanding yourself.

If you are trying to move on from the past but struggle to do so, the Six of Swords reversed suggests that there may be unfinished business, unresolved conflict, or lessons that you need to understand before you can wholeheartedly move forward in your life. What is holding you back from making this crucial transition? Seek to resolve those issues. There may be moments when you doubt whether you are making the right decision in leaving behind your past, but this card gently encourages you forward, reminding you that you are heading toward a better future.

Boredom, the weight of leaving a relationship or a lingering grief over a loss from a while ago may be conspiring to keep you drifting slowly in the still waters of life instead of pushing you forward or inspiring you to row faster toward a specific goal.

Things to Know

When the six of swords shows up in a reading it is good to Know:

  • You are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar and moving towards the unknown.
  • This change could involve moving house, leaving a relationship, changing jobs, or going through a mental shift.
  • While you may feel sadness over what you’re leaving behind, you recognize that this move is essential for your growth and personal development.
  • The Six of Swords invites you to let go of what holds you back – whether it’s from your past or present circumstances.
  • Look ahead to your future and choose the path aligned with your Highest Good and long-term potential.
  • Tough decisions and compromises may be necessary, but see them as part of your rite of passage.
  • Shed whatever no longer serves you, and focus on evolving into a better version of yourself.

Or Reflect:

  • Consider any emotional or mental baggage you carry as you transition from one phase to the next.
  • The six upstanding swords in the boat represent the weight you still carry from your past.
  • These “swords” could be memories, relationships, and habits, thought patterns, or beliefs that hinder your personal growth.
  • Decide what to take with you and what to leave behind – embrace change and clarity as you move forward.

Remember, the Six of Swords encourages you to navigate toward a more peaceful journey, leaving behind challenges and embracing growth. 



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