Reframing the now – from global pandemic to global awakening

Every month over the last year, when I looked at the energy for the next 30 days, I thought, “It can’t keep ramping up – at some point, it has to break, right?” Looking back, I can see that the ever-increasing intensity was leading us somewhere: to a global awakening disguised as a global pandemic.

You Were Born To Do This, Literally

A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 45 percent of adults say the pandemic has affected their mental health. But among lightworkers I’d say that number is higher because we’re such emotional sponges.

Our work here is vital, though. Lightworkers do gridwork. We meditate, pray and channel. We expand our very beings to hold the light.

So, when you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. One session of virtual Reiki, acupuncture or therapy is often enough to get you going again. Self-soothing is vital, too. It calms your amygdala (the fish brain), which goes into fight/flight/freeze mode when feeling threatened. To soothe yourself, soothe your senses:

  • Sight – low light, sleeping masks, coloring books, Pinterest boards
  • Sound – ASMR vids, nature sounds, binaural beats, guided meditations
  • Touch – soft things, cuddly things, Epsom salts baths, heated/weighted blankets
  • Smell – essential oils or other aromatherapy, fresh air
  • Taste – nostalgic flavors, comfort food, warm drinks

It’s also good to remember that we chose to be here. We’ve worked for thousands of lifetimes to help this spinning blue ball become a ship of enlightened beings. This is the payoff and the celebration for all that work – even if, in the moment, we sometimes freak out.

Going to Sleep to Wake Up

We’re metaphorically going to sleep so the planet can wake up. The higher intelligence needs to download 7.53 billion people with crystalline DNA and light codes. Staying home means we’re stiller and quieter, making it easier to receive those upgrades.

This is also strengthening Gaia through ecological renewal. The planet is vibrating less. Air pollution is decreasing. Our water is cleaner. When free from our virtual sleep, we’ll awaken to a refreshed, upgraded Mother Earth.

So, let’s all don our cute, cloth masks and hug each other from six feet away. Reframing what’s happening will not only help our fish brains calm down, it’ll make the ascension process easier.

If there’s one message I got from my guides this week it’s, “We’re gonna be okay.” In fact, we’re going to be able to say to coming generations, “I helped this big, beautiful globe wake up.” After all, we were born to do this.