Kelly Pratt is a Master in Reiki with a lifetime of understanding her place in the healing world. To understand Kelly’s talent for healing is to understand her upbringing.  She did not fall into Reiki accidentally, nor was it a light bulb that blinked on one day.  Energy healing has been handed down from generations of women in her family who not only passed down the gift, but the knowledge as to how to use that gift as well.

Kelly’s Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother all had intuitive abilities.  From her Great-Grandmother who saw visions in water to her Grandmother who could heal with laying of hands, down to her mother who carries strong psychic abilities.  By the age of 5 years old Kelly knew she was different and her mother even called her “Star Child.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry to now owning her own business ensuring that her elderly clients have a safe, comfortable and independent lifestyle.  Kelly demonstrates her gift of healing in not only care giving, but grief coaching and animal Reiki.  She is drawn mostly to the grief coaching aspect, including closure ceremonies, and draws immense satisfaction from assisting others to process and accept deep loss so that they may move on to a fuller life.

One of the most amazing catalysts in her life was when Kelly changed her thinking with one simple concept:  Not “I have to,” but “I get to.”  It is about living a life in daily gratitude knowing that daily chores such as cooking or going to work may be tasks that others cannot perform.  It’s about perspective and enjoying every moment life brings.  Embracing this way of thinking has provided a life filled with more positive energy than ever before.

As she looks at her future, Kelly has given herself to the focus of being the best Reiki practitioner she can be as she works with Carolyn and Jana at the Holistic Institute of Wellness.  Her goals are to fine-tune her talents and bring her healing knowledge full-circle.  She feels that the universe is so full of gifts she must respect what she has been given with focus on how she can best serve others in the future.

You can email Kelly at kelly@helping-hands.care or call 843-241-5359