June Tarot Reading Ace of Wands

Wands symbolize creativity, and the Ace of Wands is the boldest among the cards in the suit. It is not the kind of creativity that you learn from school or as a hobby. It is bravely finding your own voice; it creates a place where you can develop your own vision, in other words, willpower and the creative process are linked in the cosmic sense.

  • A new beginning.
  • Expanding your potential. Potential for greatness.
  • Expressing yourself in a creative way.
  • Inspired at work, creative projects, passion for work.
  • Giving your best.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Giving birth to a baby, project, or idea.
  • Moving forward in a happy and healthy way.
  • Excitement and passion in love, flirtation and romance, attraction.

New Beginning

Ace of wands tarot card speaks of new beginnings. Be bold and start something new. Follow your inspiration. Ace of Wands speaks of births of all kinds; the birth of enterprises and job opportunities, and also the birth of a baby. Ace of Wands tarot card also shows up when there is great potential, but it is up to you to make this potential a reality.

Take Action

When you draw the Ace of Wands, it is time to take action. Embrace the opportunity and take a chance on a prosperous idea. Get started on your creative project with the first steps. The Ace of Wands invites you to follow your intuition. If you like the idea of a project and you want to make it happen, then just do it instead of procrastinating over research and more planning. Take small steps today, and then continue to grow your ideas over time. Action is what helps you grow, and build momentum.

Strains Begin to Fade

When the economy is struggling, the upright ace can signal that it is time to try something new. Strains are beginning to disappear. There might be a reason why you haven’t been able to pay off your debt. If you’re not experiencing stress from a specific source of debt, other improvements in your finances might still take place. Receiving a gift or bonus can be incredibly beneficial. You might find yourself feeling more at ease or understanding your place in the world better after receiving one.


  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Candles
  • Burning herbs or incense
  • Matches or lighter
  • Fire opal and carnelian
  • Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Direction South
  • Stimulate Fire Energy: exercise, light candles, plan an adventurous activity or do a solar plexus meditation



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