January Tarot Reading Queen of PentaclesQueen of Pentacles

Qualities: generous, nurturing, welcoming, comforting, caretaker, practical, sensible, self-care, self-made success, homebody, hostess, share the wealth, prosperity, security, down to earth

Our last spin around the Sun was a wild cosmic rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows. 2023 promises just as much growth and change, but this time, we are more than ready to greet all possible futures. Let the sunshine in — it is the dawn of a promising new year! With Pluto moving into Aquarius for the first time since 1798, “future” is the operative word. As the year begins, it may feel like we are headed in the wrong direction, since both Mars and Mercury will be retrograde until January 12 and 18 respectively. It can feel like a sigh of relief once they start to move in the right direction again, especially after such a messy end to 2022. We might not be ready to write our New Year’s resolutions until February, and that is more than okay. In fact, using this time out to reflect and integrate all the new changes in our lives might be the best use of our time.

The Secret to the Queen’s Success

Do you want to know the secret to this queen’s success? The REAL reason she can do it all? It is because she knows how to take good care of herself! Self-care is key because if you do not nurture yourself, then how can you nourish everyone else? She also knows to keep things simple and understands the value of her time, her energy, and yes, her money! The Queen of Pentacles knows how to live within her means and make the most of things, because she embodies the ideal that you do not need a lot of material stuff to feel rich (but sometimes that is nice, too).

It’s About Balance

More importantly, the Queen of Pentacles can ENJOY her life because she has cultivated a work/ life balance that works for her. She is not run-down or over-extended because she is efficient and practical. She can be fully present in all situations while honoring her energetic limits. When she is working, she is committed to her tasks and the people she collaborates with or leads, but when it is EOD, the laptop is shut and the phone is on “Do Not Disturb” so she can relax without interruptions.

The Queen of Pentacles – the Present

The Queen of Pentacles in the present position has a few meanings. You might just be settling down, and the Queen of Pentacles can reassure you that you are going to have the time, energy, and money to live how you want to; comfortably and free of stress. It can also represent a feminine influence in your life, usually somebody you can go to for advice. You might need them soon, and they will be more than happy to help.

The Queen of Pentacles – the Future

This tarot card in the future can mean a comfortable life in the future. You will achieve everything you want and spend your time enjoying yourself on smaller pursuits and with helping others. if you continue your current path, you will likely be in a place mentally where you feel a lot of satisfaction and gratification by helping others. You are not going to worry about your current problems, in fact, they are going to seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Expect others to look up to you, whether this is because you have achieved something great in life, or simply because you have a generous personality and attractive qualities.

The Queen can Mean a new Start

If you are looking to this card in regards in regards to work or education means a new leaf, a new start. You might land that job you always wanted, or possibly move a step towards that path. Work might feel a bit alien to you, and possibly a bit uncomfortable. You might feel like you belong more at home now. To combat this, try to blend your work and home life. Usually, this is not a good idea. Work from home if possible.


The Queen of Pentacles in regards to finances is another good sign. Are you looking for work or have things taken a bad turn? The Queen of Pentacles is a good sign; you should be focusing your money and energy into your home life. Children, if you have any, depend on you. It might be worth taking a course in cooking, or even DIY if you have not already. Do not keep your money bottled up and saved away if you have enough., Use it to enhance yourself and your living conditions.


Spiritually could mean that now might be a good time to help and inspire others. Do you have any skills you can teach, especially home-based ones? Why not give it a try? Talking with and exchanging ideas is a good thing to do now. Be open to everything. It can also be a time to help others by being open to giving advice when it is asked for. Be the agony aunt for others, because it is very likely you have been through the issues they are experiencing now.

Happy New Year!



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