Margarita Ivanova (Astro Gita) is not only a phenomenal astrologist, she is one of the most inviting, loving and friendly people you will have the pleasure of meeting.  As hopeful as I was about the potential of arriving to a cloth covered table with a crystal ball on amidst the twinkling light of candles about a darkened room, it simply was not meant to be.  Instead, I was greeted by a sweet woman with a generous smile ready to share her very beautiful (normal) home.  My visions of someone with a lot of rings and make up telling me my future in a strange and wonderful accent was only fulfilled as far as the accent.  As I stepped through the door Gita immediately let loose a flurry of activity that involved some very intricate, unexpected, culinary delights that offered the promise of sheer joy when the opportunity arose for me to partake.

I tell you this because it speaks to her character, her joy in helping others, her unique understanding of relationships, and her innate desire to do things thoroughly, correctly and in a positive way.  Just 26 short years ago, Gita made the journey from Bulgaria to the United States.  She choose January 6th she remembers it vividly because it was name day – Jordan Day, to get a visa for the USA.  She chose that day intentionally through her knowledge of the stars and eventually, she helped more than 40 more people from Bulgaria calculate their perfect day for immigration, and each of those journeys have also been successful.

It was no wonder that Gita was led to write horoscopes for the local Newspaper Bulgaria in the US.  Through her horoscopes, her astrological journey widened.  She met many people that needed help and it fulfilled her to do so.  This feeling inspired her interest in expanding her own tools at hand so she could help people even more.  She wanted to bridge the gap between her passions in astrology and psychology so she decided to get her degree at DePaul University in Chicago.  And she did; in 2006 Gita received her degree in Psychology.  With a passion for astrology, as well as psychology, she knew she now had the arsenal at hand to help people heal their souls in a creative and meaningful way.

As we chatted further about life and her journey, Gita showed me an astrological chart.  You could see the light in her eyes shine as she shared what each section means and what it could mean to that person.  Her giddiness over what she sees in the stars is contagious and it makes me want to have my own done.  I have so many questions I feel she could answer right now!

Instant gratification aside (I know I will be a client in the near future, patience is a virtue I tell myself), I am pleased to learn of how diversified Gita is with her services.  She has worked hard to share her knowledge and develop her skills of getting to the core of people’s problems, which is the opposite of your typical doctor experience of placing a Band-Aid over the problem with medications.  She looks to help heal people from the inside out so their souls may feel healed and they can experience the success of reaching their goals.

As we wrap up our fabulous talk and dig in to Gita’s meticulous food arrangements, I feel a lot of joy and an extra bit of positivism that I didn’t have prior to walking in.  And although I am sure she has a crystal ball hidden somewhere, for now a simple talk among friends in the cozy living room on a fall day was exactly what I needed at that moment.

If you are interested in seeing if Gita can help you, she has a wide assortment of services from offering a birth chart analysis to compatibility horoscopes and even professional or business analysis.  Feel free to reach out to her at gita_ivanova@hotmail.com or visit her web site: www.astrogita.com