As we march diligently towards the end of 2020, we are constantly reminded that we need to practice self-care.  For some of us, this year has been a difficult one; spiritually, physically, energetically, and emotionally.  We are emptying our cups at an alarming rate.  It’s like we are constantly draining our batteries and eventually we will find we cannot run on depleted batteries.  We need to refill our cups.

I recently listened to a podcast where the host discussed the little things his wife does that are acts of self-care, such as slicing lemons for her water (because that’s what she likes) and it struck me as odd that this was considered self-care.  How extraordinary it seems that that simple act of taking time to slice a lemon for your water would be an act of love you show yourself.

Considering this, and all that it could mean, I contemplated that for some there are days it is even difficult to brush their teeth and just the simplest things can use every ounce of energy.  For this podcaster I was listening to, that act of cutting lemons was incredible to him when his cup of misery feels constantly overflowing.

With this in mind, I wanted to share a few things that might not seem that big to others, but for anyone struggling, can make the difference between hiding under the covers and lifting them up to see the sunlight streaming in.  But don’t over-think it, if you can only do one thing on the list, you are working on filling your cup.  Be proud of that effort.

  • Sit up straight – Believe it or not, this gives a sense of stronger self, which is a great spirit booster.
  • Take time to eat – You are eating anyway, savor the flavors, enjoy the process.
  • Stretch for a few minutes – Don’t bother with getting on the floor, just stretch your arms and neck for a bit- feels so good!
  • Replace one junk food item – Yes, sugar can be comfort food, but it can also be a guilty comfort. You don’t have to get crazy, just consider switching out one cookie for a banana (or whatever works in your situation).
  • Read for 30 minutes – move away from technology for a bit, put your phone on airplane mode and just read, betcha find you want to do it more than 30 minutes.
  • Put your blankie in the dryer – This extra effort can put a smile of contentment on your face as you cuddle down in the warm softness with a good movie.
  • Sit outside in the sun – It is no secret that the sun offers natural vitamin D and we are all fairly deficient. Just sitting in a chair with your eyes closed and your face bathed in sunlight works wonders.

While none of this may take an extraordinary effort from an outsider’s perspective, we need to accept ourselves and love ourselves no matter what state we are in.  The consequences of continuing on empty can be deep and wide.  When you take a moment to fill your cup, even with the smallest actions (like cutting a lemon wedge for your water), you will be better equipped to face the next day’s challenges.

*Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay