Stones for Self-Care

Stone of the Month: AGATE

Agates, of all descriptions/stripes/colors/names all carry powerful but extremely gentle energies, they aid us in centering & balancing our emotional, physical, mental & intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

My number 1 concept for “Self-Care for the Soul” is Self-Acceptance and Agates reign supreme for this. They can help with self-analysis and enhance our perception of patterns and behaviors so we know what to work on. As we do this, the agate of your choice will gently but firmly assist in clearing, and with speaking your truth. My personal experience is this helps raise self-confidence. Agates can help you create a sense of safety & security by dissipating internal tensions. This for me builds a spiraling, upward building of all the self-…. fill in the blanks that we need.

Agate is a very common stone, formed from minute quartz crystal laid down in bands. There are many forms of banded agate, often with much larger quartz inclusions where they have grown together. Here are few different versions so you can see the endless variety –

Concept number 2 is Self-Belief. Do I need Acceptance to have Belief or do I need Belief to find Acceptance? Either way, a stone that has helped me enormously with this is Labradorite (Spectrolite). I was gifted a very special piece, which of course I bead wrapped to wear (if you see me out 99 times of 100 I’ll be wearing my Labradorite). It’s a protective stone which creates a barrier to negative energies, especially those shed during therapy! It strengthens our faith in ourselves and the Universe and is a great companion during times of change.

So last but not least, concept number 3, Self-Love. Rose Quartz for me is the hands down winner in this category, renown the world over. Said to bring deep inner healing and self-love. Strengthens our empathy and sensitivity and helps us accept necessary change. This one stone can encourage self-forgiveness, acceptance, self-trust and self-worth.

Coming to self-love was quite a process for me, shedding many layers of self- doubt, criticism, & sabotage, to name just a few. If you struggle with these or others, here are a few other stones that might be helpful:

Chalcedony – self-doubt
Garnet (Hessonite) – self respect
Hematite – self esteem
Jade – self sufficiency
Larimar – self-sabotage
Rutilated Quartz – self-hatred
Tigers Eye – self criticism

With love & blessings.      J

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