Close your eyes and feel the energy vibrate through your cells and watch the colors dance behind your eyelids.  Embrace the desire to do more, BE more.  The unquestionable knowledge that there is a better version of yourself out there bubbles up to the surface and you reach out with all your being to find that a path you didn’t know existed has suddenly lit up.  THIS is Carrie Wagner.

Carrie is not only a Certified Registered Reflexologist, Certified Thermography Technician, Functional Blood Analysis expert and Reiki Master, she also holds an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, a B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition.  Whew!  It is safe to say that Carrie holds herself to a certain standard and values educating not just herself, but the people she works with as well.  In a world where we are lowering our expectations in the service industry, Carrie sets her bar higher as she thrives on the success of her clients.

With more than a decade of clinical experience, Carrie is poised to be an asset to anyone’s arsenal in their quest for improvement. We all feel the burden of our daily toxic rounds, whether it be inhibited sleep, excess weight, unusual pains or other and we now carry the weight of proving that we DON’T have an immunity issue as opposed to wondering if we DO.  What is it about our lifestyles that dictate whether our future selves will curse, or thank, our now selves?  Carrie delves deep into individual blood tests, habits and much more to find the cause of the issues to help balance the client with a customized protocol that brings their body into homeostasis quickly.

Sometimes it is easy to look down the road and see the deep furrows and dead grass indicating a path well-traveled.  In 1983 Carrie veered off that well-worn path because she was experiencing excruciating menstrual pains.  In her search for relief, she found reflexology and so began her journey.  As she learned more and improved, she realized this could help others in her life.  As she has grown, she has the good fortune to work with many cancer patients, her father included.  The light in their eyes as she looked at results weekly that showed improvement granted her the serenity she needed to push and persevere.  Analyzing their blood work from a nutritional aspect as opposed to a medical aspect, she feels, helped gain years and quality of life not expected when they initially met.

Carrie works with such a wide range of people from those who are in post and pre-op, to those who want to lose weight, to those with auto-immune disorders and so many more.  Her reputation precedes her as she has been part of many radio and television interviews, sharing her one-of-a-kind energy and attitude that everyone can ‘graduate’ to anyone who will listen.

Take a moment.  Close your eyes again.  Envision the person you know you can be and run towards that vision!

For more on Carrie, go to: http://knoxvillereflexology.com/ To reach her directly, email: carrie@knoxvillereflexology.com