Many of us long for confirmation, of knowledge of the existence of the beyond. Why are we here, what is our purpose, what happens later? At a young age, Becky (Maze) Jones had a surgery that caused her heart to stop beating, lifting the veil between two worlds and allowing her a view of our energy beyond death, and experiencing the magic of meeting her guiding angels. Upon her return, she knew she had found her higher self and although she didn’t quite know how to use this knowledge yet, she had begun her journey of accepting her unique experience and grow from it.

Becky finally came to her calling as she worked through her divorce. As many know, this experience leaves you feeling weak physically, mentally and emotionally. Along with this drain she felt a great fear of everything. Trusting and believing in herself and her capabilities came with time, she became stronger in her mind and body through yoga and meditation. At this pivotal point in her life, she understood that others who have the same feelings during stressful periods would benefit from this evolution. Becky knew she had to share and so she set her intentions to become a Yoga instructor.

Becky’s belief system is that yoga should be accessible to everyone, regardless of perceived limitations.  She teaches Yin, Restorative and Gentle Vinyasa Yoga, with her training focused on lyengar, Subtle and Nidra Yoga as a RYT500 accredited instructor. She also practices many other forms such as wheel and ropes wall. Life is a constant journey though, and she has also acquired Reiki Mastership through who she calls part of her tribe, Carolyn A. Jones and Jana Kadovitz at the Holistic Institute of Wellness in Knoxville, TN. Reiki is infused in every part of Becky’s life now, from her yoga instruction to office work.  Reiki is an integral part of her sense that she is fulfilling her purpose and honoring the gift she has been given of being able to see beyond this world.

“It’s important to meditate and lean on your angelic team for support and assistance, asking for direction including the where, when and how, and be open to receiving the answer. Meditation is a good way to quiet your mind so you can listen,” Becky says.

Becky feels like she can sense when others have had similar experiences of life beyond this realm and welcomes conversation about it. If you feel you have and want to reach out, or are interested in her yoga or Reiki services, you can contact her via email at tnbekka@gmail.com or find her on her website at www.cherokeeyoga.com.