Kelly Pratt is a Reiki Master and has a lifetime of understanding her place in the healing world.  Add this to her love of animals and it seems a natural expectation that she would practice animal Reiki.   With an animal Reiki workshop coming up October 19 & 20, Kelly wants to share her own experiences and why she thinks you would benefit from this workshop.

Kelly’s first documented animal Reiki experience was with her poodle mix, Evie.  She came into class with Kelly to assist with her students learning Reiki.  Evie (since passed) had always been the center of attention, loving personal touch and displaying joy with every loving word spoken to her.  Evie was a natural at receiving the Reiki touch and thrived with each class she attended.

Reiki has even worked with her daughter’s dogs through long-distance.  Sydney, who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, had bladder stones.  Sydney was receptive to the healing energy and between both vet care and Reiki, she regained bladder control, had an improved coat appearance and displayed happier, more relaxed overall behavior, eventually leading to full recovery.

Kelly’s goal is to help her students learn how to bring balance and well being to the animals that they care for.  With this education comes learning how to tell when an animal is open to Reiki and when they are not.  It is special when you are invited into an animal’s sacred space.  Kelly also knows that when you get into animal Reiki, you can feel the difference.  Some people who have a natural talent with animals are inadvertently drawn to practicing Reiki.

If you feel you have a special connection to animals and are looking to learn more about healing beyond the human form, including  animal chakras, hand positions and how to communicate, you will certainly have lots of fun at this class.  Go through animal totems and even go on a field trip while you focus on creating a positive energy space for your animals!

To learn more about the upcoming class click HERE.