For many years I have enjoyed a holistic lifestyle. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of holistic remedies, reiki, healing crystals, animals, gardening and the great outdoors.

I have always stayed busy and kept my mind and body active. I have always found interesting soul growth endeavors… you could say I have had a very eclectic career path.

And now as New Earth is ushered in it has brought changes in my life, insights and the birthing new creative ideas. I have spent the last couple of years as a Farm Manager for a hydroponic farm. That role is now coming to a close and allowing space for my passionate visions to unfold. I now have time to fully develop my own path with  New Earth Holistics and Animal Healing Reiki.

I will be also launching The New Earth Gardener. Gardening and producing my own food has been a passion and I believe if everyone were able to grow some of their own food it would make a big impact on the world. New Earth Gardener will be a way to empower people to turn their yards into food forests and zen spots.  I am also hoping that this can develop as a curriculum for New Earth schools and can even filter down to many community garden projects.

I feel very grateful to be able to develop all three of these endeavors and I feel that the Universe is telling me to bring all the gifts I have been given to the table and shine my freakin’ light even brighter.  Amber Keirn