Carolyn A. Jones

My first experience connecting with spirit as a child came when I was five years old. I was sitting at the kitchen table having dinner with my parents, and my dad was concerned about his job as a teacher, coming up in the fall. He was an assistant principal, and most would work through the summer, and have a break. Then they’d come back, sometimes to a new school, sometimes to the same one. At dinner, he was wondering this out loud with my mom, and all of a sudden, I saw a flash of a scene. I remember this memory like it was yesterday.

I said, “Don’t worry dad. You’ll have a new school.” Then I told him what I’d seen. I described the hallway I saw, from the brick walls to the brown-and-black tile floors. The very next day, he got the call and a few weeks later he was assigned to a new school, and it looked exactly as I had described.

I used to be convinced that God lived in my closet. I would sit at the end of my bed on the floor and stare up into that space saying my prayers and making my declarations. I could feel a warm presence coming back at me. I know now from my experience and my work that it was what I now call an energy portal. Thankfully, it was a positive one. I would find such peace in that place, such solace. I always felt heard.

Looking back, for the most part, my childhood was normal. I was a happy child who loved the water and the outdoors. At the time, I didn’t know having a father who saw people that had passed or channeled was strange at all.

Dad, as I like to say, was a “teacher by day, psychic by night.” People would come from all over to see him. They would sit with him for hours in his study at my childhood home. Dad’s office was magical and it contained all sorts of cool stuff. Crystals, stones, medicine sticks, giant Tarot cards, and medicine bags just to name a few.

Seems pretty weird right? As strange as it may have been growing up in a very conservative town this all appeared very normal to me. I always knew Dad was a good person. He not only talked to God but he could hear him too along with the Angels and other beings of light as I have come to call them.

He delivered message after message. He helped a lot of people find their way and I think he gave them hope that there was something bigger out there. Something magnificent. Something that could not always be seen by the human eyes but that could certainly be felt by the human heart. Mom was more behind the scenes, the one who connected with stones, crystals and healing hands. She’d sense and feel things, but from my experience, dad was the one who actually channeled and saw people. I think she was more comfortable with him being in the limelight.

I grew up in a family of intuitives and I was having my own experiences as well. So imagine, when the day came, in that tiny southern town in the 1970’s smack dab in the middle of the bible belt, when I realized that not everyone was like this. I learned very quickly to be quiet.

As a result of this, I developed two lives. At home, I was the person who got the additional meaning. But at school, I was trying to fit in and be what I thought of as normal. I didn’t talk about it. My dad had no filter and would tell people things that embarrassed me to death. I wanted to crawl under the table. In fact, emotionally I did. He would share with my friends about their spirit guides and people that had died in their lives. I look back now and question, “why was I so bothered by that?” However, from a child’s perspective I understand completely.

I had to find some sort of “normalcy.” My solution…joining the Baptist church. I never resonated with the messages but singing in the choir, fed my soul and brought me peace. Plus, I made some wonderful friends.

Thankfully, I had my parents. It was great having them and being in that energy, but there was no one outside of them my own age that I could relate to. I went to psychic fairs every weekend until I was 17, at the same time, going to church on Sundays until the day came when I knew I had to find my own truth in all of this.

I probably spent the next 20 years figuring out how to blend it. What is my place in the world? Through time, experience, acceptance and surrender I finally became comfortable with my gifts, but it took the majority of my life to do it. I went through my coaching program in 2008, and I noticed I’d get intuitive hits, hear voices and see things. In 2010, when I got my Reiki level I training, that’s when it really started ramping up.

Around 2012, I really started to meet my inner child again, the one who had climbed under the kitchen table to hide in embarrassment about my dad. I was so stressed. I had energy surges. My hair fell out. Some part of me was in deep conflict – the part that was ready to emerge into an authentic life was in a tug of war with the part of me that wanted to stay safe.

Now I feel like I’m a bridge between what is perceived as normal everyday life and the unknown. That’s where my work is – I’ve felt that way since I started. I can relate to people on all ends of the spectrum, from people who are just beginning to sense their awakening to those who are ready to begin living their manifested lives. I came here to create my own soul work and purpose, and help others do the same.

Also, through my own work, I’ve made peace with my dad in how he expressed his gifts. I can see now why I chose him as my father. I love him and to this day he remains one of my greatest teachers.

Ignite your soul and awaken your spirit! Carolyn, a beacon of light and wisdom, combines intuitive coaching, energetic healing, and holistic practices at the Institute to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and transformation. Unleash your inner potential and embrace a life filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual fulfillment.

If anything in her story has resonated with you… If you’ve had these feelings or experiences all your life but haven’t known what to do with them or if you’ve thought you’re crazy, Carolyn would love to assist you in bringing those forth.

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