If each person could grow just a portion of their own food, imagine the impact it would have on our world and food security. Imagine also you, yourself walking out into your garden each day and greeting the plants and seeing what growth took place overnight. The joy of watching things grow and thrive can be at everyone’s fingertips. I have had some amazing gardens over my lifetime and I find solace and renewing energy in them.

Gardening is not just for food. It is also about rituals and beauty. I have to smile as I look back on my years of gardening and farming. I played music and sang to my seedlings as they were starting to pop their tiny heads out of the dirt. I tucked them in at night with words of encouragement. I carefully planned and prepared their growing spaces once they were old enough to go out into the garden. I danced and played music as I was planting. I was always amazed at the beauty and taste of home grown produce and I often could not believe the bounty on my kitchen cabinets.

This was the joy of getting into the moment and being present. This was also a healing experience of its own. Its such a different and enriching experience than if we just drive to the store and pick up food that we truly have no idea where it came from and hope that it is not harmful to us by the way it was grown.

I find satisfaction in knowing that I can grow what I want to put into my body. I have also realized that we as a society have lost touch with where our food comes from and even our primal instincts of knowing what to grow and how to nurture mother nature. As we go forth into the New Earth timeline it will be ever more important to reconnect with the natural ways of doing things. As big agriculture begins to crumble and we as humanity are called to heal the Earth, each of us will need to take responsibility in insuring healthy food and landscapes. We need to teach our children the skills in being stewards for the Earth. Kids today are stuck in technology and educational infrastructure that truly is irrelevant to what really needs to be studied and taught. Learning to be sustainable and witnessing the large and small miracles of nature need to be the focus. This teaches valuable and important life skills within itself.

All of this has inspired me to began to develop another passion of mine, The New Earth Gardener. Creating and building gardens has always been a beautiful creative outlet for me and I love sharing that knowledge and skill set with others. Many people would love to have a garden but are not sure where or how to start. I began to realize I could help make an impact by offering my time, knowledge and skill to help people have their own gardens. I am excited about this opportunity to explore this, especially if it can benefit schools, community gardens and anyone who wants to take a new approach in this new paradigm.