Intuition, illusion, dreams, vagueness, instability, deception, anxiety, fear, misconception, subconscious, insecurity.

The general meaning of The Moon Tarot card in an upright position is that everything is not as it seems. It is also the Major Arcana Tarot card of intuition. The Moons tells you that something about a situation or person in your life is not what it appears to be and you need to trust what your instincts are telling you in order to see past this illusion. The Moon also requires that you pay attention to dreams, thoughts, visions or gut feelings you have, your spirit guides may be trying to tell you something important. Spend time meditating.

Tarot Card - The MoonYour subconscious may be bringing your attention to some information you’ve missed. The Moon can also signify that you are letting your anxiety or fear overwhelm you which may be having a negative effect on your outlook and causing you to suffer from mood swings, instability or insecurity The Moon can also signify dormant insecurities or repressed issues resurfacing. The card means you may be going through a time of emotional or mental trials.

If you are awaiting a decision on something, The Moon indicates that the answer will either be delayed or be so vague it will add to your confusion rather than clarify matters. A caution to stay on your path for safety.

With The Moon Tarot card appearing in a career context, you may be very unclear or even anxious about your career direction. There may be miscommunication between you and your colleagues or superiors in a work context which could cause problems or misunderstandings. Alternatively, someone may be holding information back from you and you may not have all the facts you need to make a decision. In terms of finance, The Moon indicates that you should be wary of undertaking investments or any big financial gambles as you may not have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. It can also indicate that someone may be purposely deceiving you to con you out of money. Don’t be overly paranoid but do trust your instincts, if it feels like it’s too good to be true it probably is!

If you are interested in psychic development or healing work, everything flows naturally for you and you are open to receiving messages from spirit.


  • Sacral chakra
  • Vessel of water
  • Blue candle
  • Moonstone
  • Shells, coral, sand dollars, etc.
  • Moon symbolism
  • Stimulate water energy: take more time to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, place a vessel of water on your alter or nightstand, or so a sacral chakra meditation



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