Shamanic Journeys

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Shamanic Journeys: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World
Taught by Jana Kadovitz & Beverly Rowland.

Discover the ancient power and wisdom of shamanic journeying. As a human being, shamanic spirituality is your birthright. You were born with the ability to journey embedded in your DNA.

Experienced teachers Jana Kadovitz and Beverly Rowland share their deep knowledge about this time-honored method of working with your spirit to gain powerful insights.

They use traditional techniques, like shamanic drumming, to help you access reality beyond the ordinary. You’ll take meditative journeys to different worlds, connect with your spirit guides and power animals, and find answers to life’s deepest questions.

Get ready to expand your consciousness, open your heart and live an awakened life.

Class I
Shamanic journeys are time-honored ways of connecting with spirit for healing and growth. Learn the basics of shamanism and shamanic drumming.

Class 2 (Level I prerequisite)
In this class on shamanic journeying, you’ll meet your spirit animal, learn about the different worlds and get tools for setting your own sacred space.