Brittany Childs | Reiki Master

It has been a week since I completed the September 2017 Reiki Mastership Retreat. My experience was amazingly beyond description. The location was spectacular! The Well Being Retreat Center provided a physical cocoon to receive all that was offered during the retreat. The food and lodging were fantastic as well! The instruction provided by Carolyn, Jana, and Beverly was unbelievable. I could feel the mastery level preparation, time, and love that went into designing and implementing such an amazing retreat. I walked away comfortable in applying the Reiki Mastership skill set within my business. The level of knowledge that was imparted was astounding. We were allowed to uncover the beautiful gift of Mastership within ourselves to take out into the world. I couldn’t imagine being lead through this process by anyone else. I can honestly say, I will never be the same having completed my Reiki Mastership Training with Carolyn and Jana at HIW. If you feel led to pursue obtaining your Reiki Mastership look no further than HIW. You too will see that the experience is beyond description.

Kim Sumlin | Reiki Master

Reiki III at the Well Being Center was magical, indeed. It just couldn’t have gone any better! From the beginning of the day starting with 30 minutes of silence, to working with the Reiki energy, and ending each day out in nature to ground the energy was absolute perfection. And, every day seemed to get better! It was a delightful life-affirming experience that I was looking forward to returning to before I even left. The leadership, guidance, love and wisdom of Carolyn and Jana enabled me to delve into Reiki III teachings and begin the integration process quickly. The setting was perfect to get to know the other students with Yogi kitchen chores or hang out in their company, or take a solo walk in nature and let the river soothe my soul. Patty and Don are awesome stewards. I'm forever grateful for what they've built in Tazewell, and their collaboration with Carolyn and Jana. ~ Peace ~

Florence Paquet | Reiki II

So much more than a Reiki class. Every single element of this retreat was filled with nourishing intentions of health, healing, and connection to abundant loving energy. The retreat space is simply beautiful. Walking around the property you feel a sense of love and calm. I've never eaten so well in my life in terms of taste or health - each meal offered a rainbow of fruits and vegetables that actually tasted seriously amazing. Again, you can tell it was crafted with love. The bonding and community we created together melted my heart - I feel like I have 12 new sisters in my life and feel so inspired and nourished by them. To me, all of these elements were so integral in establishing a deep connection to Reiki. To creating a healing environment to clear away obstacles. I am so thankful that his is how I was initiated into Reiki and can't imagine a better way to establish competence in this work. Thank you! Flo

Jennifer Stone | Reiki Master

I am so grateful to have trained under Carolyn and Jana for Reiki I, II, and Mastership. Their quiet patience and gentle leadership help guide you through each process and enable you to integrate the information with the energy. Mastership was an enlightening, soulful, and powerful experience. This training has changed my life in many ways! The Well Being Retreat Center provided a peaceful atmosphere, connection to nature, beautiful views, and delicious food. Don and Patty are perfect hosts and welcome their guests into their piece of serenity. Thank you Carolyn and Jana for sharing your time, knowledge, and friendship with us.