Massage Specialist, Reiki Master
Norma Kitt is the owner of Massage Specialists of East Tennessee and has been and intuitive bodyworker for the last 10years. Through these years her desire to bring relief to her clients has led her to specialize in posture and pain techniques, oncology massage, and Myo- Facial Release by John Barnes. Having started her own practice 5 years ago she began her own healing journey by attending Reiki training through Holistic Institute of Wellness. Having finished her mastership last year, she has created a more customized experience for her clients to experience mental, physical and spiritual balance through her integrated bodywork.

Through the years as a bodyworker and in her own healing, Norma has observed the connection between emotions and the body. Having experienced a breakthrough in a coaching session, she decided to start offering Interpretive Art Expression Workshops and individual sessions. This began Wabi Sabi Healing Arts where you can experience healing by accessing hidden parts of yourself through color.

Knoxville, TN
865-440 2663