Carol Montgomery Nurtures Our Village

Long before sustainability was a standard lifestyle discussion, Carol Montgomery was spreading the word to help her community become informed and active in a clean, green lifestyle.  Growing up in Britain with parents who were green-living role models, practicing gardening, composting, recycling and tree planting, Carol was destined to become an environmental activist from the start. 

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Ancient Healers

I grew up in a house full of stones and crystals. My mom was always collecting them and I remember at a very young age traveling to Franklin, North Carolina, to attend the gem shows that still occur today. I didn’t really know that much about them, other than they were all unique in their shape and color. 

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Happy Feet

I have never knew there was so much power in the feet up until a few years ago when I had my first reflexology experience with our community member and Reflexologist, Carrie Wagner.

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Sarah Quits the Addiction to Her Story

As many others before her, Sarah Maslia Galambos’ journey into Reiki manifested after a difficult life experience forced her to take a soul-searching look at her life and where she was going. A divorce after a 20-year marriage left her with fresh wounds as she carried the toxic burdens of shame, self-doubt and victimhood.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Reiki I

    November 30 @ 5:00 pm