Laura West Offers Joyful Guidance for Your Business

When the word ‘work’ comes up in conversation, our first thought is not typically to immediately feel joy.  Laura brings a new way of thinking to the table with her Center for Joyful Business.  With a focus on the ripple effects that joy can bring, she develops creative coaching and marketing strategies that are tailored to her client’s values and gifts to generate successful and long-lasting change. 

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The Power of Community

This is no ordinary fire pit; instead, it’s more like a fire amphitheater. It has been affectionately dubbed a Soul Fire by one of our community members, Barry Richmond. Barry envisioned a sacred space where we could gather to sing songs, play drums or sit under the stars and listen quietly to the crackling fire.

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Carol Montgomery Nurtures Our Village

Long before sustainability was a standard lifestyle discussion, Carol Montgomery was spreading the word to help her community become informed and active in a clean, green lifestyle.  Growing up in Britain with parents who were green-living role models, practicing gardening, composting, recycling and tree planting, Carol was destined to become an environmental activist from the start. 

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Ancient Healers

I grew up in a house full of stones and crystals. My mom was always collecting them and I remember at a very young age traveling to Franklin, North Carolina, to attend the gem shows that still occur today. I didn’t really know that much about them, other than they were all unique in their shape and color. 

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Upcoming Events

  1. Reiki I

    February 2 @ 9:00 am